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Top 5 Best Thai Foods – What To Eat in Thailand

Creative Commons by Tuxta

Friendly, happy-go-lucky and cheerful natives, these are all enough for Thailand to be regarded as the “Land of Smiles”. Where else can you find people who will most likely to smile back at you as you smile at them? Where else can you find a celebration wherein people throw water to others? It’s only here in Thailand!

Bangkok, the capital city, is perfect for backpackers and sightseeing fanatics. With the elephant as their national symbol, Thailand showcases cultural, historical and natural attractions that every visitor would surely enjoy. There are also scenic views that are truly ideal for special events such as weddings.

Also, the tropical climate all year round calls for so many things to do like diving, trekking and rock climbing. However, after a tiring day of roaming around the place and doing so many things, the most enjoyable thing to do is to eat. Indeed it’s true especially when you are with your friends and relatives.

In fact, if there is one aspect Thais are proud of, that would be their very own Thai food. Exotic dishes, fresh ingredients, ethnic delicacies, street foods and vegetarian options are all combined to fit your taste buds.  And speaking of the price, you wouldn’t regret it for sure. Their hospitality when it comes to serving guests and the quality of dishes they have are absolutely more than just any amount of money.

So, let’s take a look at 5 of the bestselling Thai food. Here they are:

Pad Thai - Creative Commons by Terence Ong

Pad Thai – Creative Commons by Terence Ong

1) Pad Thai

There are some folks trying to imitate this type of foodie but still, nothing can beat the original. Pad Thai is mostly found in the tables of street vendors situated in the cities or in a number of restaurants here in Thailand. If you’ve tried different types of Japanese and Chinese noodles, Pad Thai is somewhat a different cuisine. It is a combination of fresh ingredients like rice noodles, meat, tofu, egg and veggies – stir friend in a small wok. But oops, it wouldn’t be complete without the sauces and spices.

So the next time you visit the night markets of Bangkok, Pad Thai is worth a try!

Som Tam - Creative Commons by Dragfyre

Som Tam – Creative Commons by Dragfyre

2) Papaya Salad (Som Tam)

Thais are always fond of street foods, and papaya salad is simply the quickest Thai food to make. From scratch, fresh ingredients like sweet palm, salty fish sauce, hot chili and lime juice are combined in a large mortar. Then, they will be crushed until the ingredients are mixed together creating a sweet and sour taste. As you seen in movies, papaya salad is prepared in front of the guests. As such, you can assure it’s safe to eat.

Tom Yam - Creative Commons by Kcdtsg

Tom Yam – Creative Commons by Kcdtsg

3) Tom Yam Goong

With all other Thai Food available, Tom Yam Goong is said to be one of the finest dishes that has truly originated from Thailand. Made from fragrant herbs, keffir lime leaves, lemon grass and chili flavor, it combines hot and sour tastes. As a guest, you can choose from either fish or chicken, which definitely completes the whole recipe. Yet, if you want a home-made Tom Yam Goong, tofu is a good alternative. Fresh prawns and straw mushrooms are also a great additional.

Green Curry - Creative Commons by Takeaway

Green Curry – Creative Commons by Takeaway

4) Geng Kheaw Wan (Green Curry)

For curry lovers, Thailand also has a masterpiece, and this is the well-known Geng Kheaw Wan or often called green curry. The quintessential aroma from the said dish will appear as an exotic perfume that reminds you that you are in the place – the land of smiles!  In comparison with the red curry which has a spicy flavor, green curry has sweet flavor.

The combination of garangal, aubergine, bamboo shoots and lemon grass are the ones used to create green curry paste. But since fish sauce is Thai’s native product, the recipe wouldn’t be complete without such ingredient. On the other hand, vegetarians can substitute tofu instead of meat to meet the restriction.

Mango Sticky Rice - Creative Commons by Terence

Mango Sticky Rice – Creative Commons by Terence

5) Mango Sticky Rice

Obviously, after every meal, you will always look for a dessert. Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, mango sticky rice is something you should try. As one of the absolute favorites here in the place, mango sticky rice has been featured in some food exhibits and cooking shows.

This type of Thai food has a simple recipe. From a cooked sweet coconut milk, the sticky rice is placed with fresh ripe mango on top. In some restaurants, mango stick rice comes as bite-sized balls with sweetened sauce on it.

So, there you are – the top 5 dishes to try in Thailand. You can discover more just by look at the internet or by paying a visit to the nearby Thai restaurant. Yet, if you want to experience real fun and excitement, you are always welcome to have your vacation here in Thailand. Friendliest people, breathtaking scenes plus finest cuisines would definitely be equal to satisfaction.

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