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Songkran Queen or also known as Nang Songkran

Songkran QueenAccording to legend, this story involves King Kabilaprom and Prince Thammaban. Born to a wealthy family, Prince Thammaban was very intelligent since he was only seven years old, as King Kabilaprom asked him three questions with the conditions that if his answers were correct, King Kabilaprom was willing to sacrifice his head but if they were wrong, the Prince must do likewise. The questions focus on the good signs of a person at each period of the day from morning to noon until the evening. To the surprise of the King, the Prince answered the questions correctly. As per the good sign of a person in the morning is at the face, at the chest at noon, and at the foot in the evening. The King then had to cut off his head as proposed. However, the Kings head was so powerful that the whole world would be on fire if the head touched the earth, a serious drought would occur and all the oceans water would dry up should it be thrown up in the sky or down in the ocean, respectively. Evidently, the King had assigned his seven angel daughters to take turns carrying his head clockwise around Phra Sumane Mountain. And if Songkran Day (13 April) falls on any day of the following, that year would be honoured by that Nang Songkran.

  • Sunday: Tungsatevee Red dress, preferred wild fruit, discus in the right hand, shell in the left hand, garuda as the vehicle.
  • Monday: Korakatevee Yellow dress with pearl ornaments, preferred butter oil, dagger in the right hand, walking cane in the left hand, tiger as the vehicle.
  • Tuesday: Ragsotevee Light red dress with agate ornaments, preferred blood, trident in the right hand, arrow in the left hand, pig as the vehicle.
  • Wednesday: Montatevee Emerald green dress with cats eye ornaments, preferred milk and butter, sharp iron in the right hand and walking cane in the left hand, donkey as the vehicle.
  • Thursday: Kirineetevee Greenish yellow dress with emerald ornaments, preferred nuts and sesame seeds, elephant hook in the right hand, gun in the left hand, elephant as the vehicle.
  • Friday: Kimitatevee White dress with topaz ornament, preferred banana, dagger in the right hand, Indian vina in the left hand, buffalo as the vehicle. 
  • Saturday: Mahotorntevee Black dress with onyx ornaments, preferred hog deer, discus in the right hand, trident in the left hand, peacock as the vehicle.

Nang Songkran

Evidently, the prediction for the New Year will be made according to that particular day of the Nang Songkran. For example, if the preferred food of Miss Songkran is nuts and sesame seeds, it is predicted that the year will be productive, prosperous and healthy. And if the preferred food is blood, the prediction would go for a bloody year with quarrels. And if Miss Songkran prefers to carry a gun, it is predicted that the weather would be full of thunderstorms, etc. Also, at the venue where the grand Songkran Festival is organized, a procession of the Miss Songkran is indispensable for the people to appreciate the festival.

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