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Bangkok Songkran Festival 2020 – Khao San Songkran Splendours 2020

Named as capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is also known for historical temples such as Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Suthat and Wat Arun. However, in complementary with these scenic structures is their rich culture. Indeed, if there is a place here in Thailand that reveals the past, that is Bangkok. Just when the calendar turns to the month of April, people from different countries arrive in the place to witness Bangkok Songkran Festival.

Songkran Festival 2016While others unwind in beach resorts, the natives of Bangkok including the visitors find relief against the reigning heat of the sun through joining the famous water fight. Songkran by definition is the celebration of Thai’s New Year. Water fight, on the other hand, is a way of washing the bad luck so as the good luck would enter in the present year. Songkran is celebrated for three days starting April 13 to April 15, though in other parts of the country, this event is celebrated in the entire week.

Unlike ordinary days, during the celebration, the streets of Bangkok become impassable without getting soaked by water from buckets and water cannons of the participants. The water fights will be held in various spots around Banglamphu, most notably Thanon Khao San or Khao San Road, Rattanakosin Royal Square, Phra Athit Road, Santhichaiprakan and Wisut Krasat. There will be plenty of action so remember to bring along your bucket or water pistol!

More than just fun, Bangkok Songkran Festival is also about worshiping Buddha. For someone who wishes a good karma for the present year, washing Buddha images, visiting temples and cleaning the house are things to be done. For visitors who have no idea of the locations to find temples, Bangkok police has already fixed with the passage to Wat Pho where in you will receive a stamp along with a souvenir.

Only happens once in a year, Songkran is an event that everyone shouldn’t miss. But before anything else, since you are planning to join the water fight event, you must bringing stuff like waterproof cameras and sealable plastic bags. After all, don’t blame yourself when you forget to bring your water cannons. Remember, April is not that far from now and you might get things rushed as the date gets nearer and nearer. So, join the water fight and wish “good luck” for Thai natives this April! You will surely enjoy the event.

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