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5 Songkran Tips – Survival Guide For Visitors

Thailand, being regarded as the “Land of Smiles”, is also remarkable for a special event called Songkran Festival. This event usually takes place in the mid of April and lasts for a week. To mark the occasion, there is a huge array of events that one shouldn’t miss such as family reunions, street parties, beauty pageants and other forms of entertainment. However, the highlight of the show is the friendly water fight where thousands of people, including travelers bathe each other in water as sign of good luck.

Every year, during Songkran festival, thousands of people are flooding the streets to join the celebration. Whether for “good luck” or for any good reason you have for joining, remember that safety is a must. To ensure you are well-prepared, here’s the list of survival tips:

Songkran Tips

1Protect yourself – Remember that there is no exemption to get wet during the celebration. In fact, even kids are having fun refreshing themselves on water. The best way to arm yourself is to buy a water gun or bring water containers so that you will not just take the water from participants but drench against them as well. Yet, make sure the water gun is cable of shooting long distance and has a huge reservoir.

2Buy protection for your camera – If you wish to bring your camera to capture fun moments with natives, then you should invest for protection. Or, it would be practical if you choose a disposable waterproof camera instead. In this way, you can bring captured pictures back home without having your camera in trouble.

3Avoid big roads – In case the event starts and still you’re not yet in the place you used to stay, better avoid big roads for participants are in huge streets and will sure enjoy seeing every passerby to throw water to.

4Dress accordingly – There is no dress code for such event. So, leave your pants and shoes at home and wear something contemporary to the participants. T-shirts and a pair of short are definitely perfect for such water splashing celebration. But before you forget, take note of the color of your shirt as it tends to become see through when wet.

5Leave your valuables at home – If you wish to accessorize yourself with jewelries better don’t. Better leave them at home as they may get lost during the water fight event. As for gadgets, better not bring them as they might get damaged as soon as the participants start the water ritual.

With this list of tips, you can assure join Songkran festival 2019. But as part of every tradition, respect is a must-have. Even if you’re not a Buddhist, you can give alms to the monks and join streets parties as you wish. However, if you can’t, then you better just witness their rituals. Lastly, like what you did to your neighbors wishing them good luck for the year, you can do the same. Just try wishing the locals a Happy New Year in Thai by saying “Sawasdee Pee Mai”!

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